Friday, March 7, 2014


Over the past several months our son has been told they were going to move him back to California.  We all felt concern because he has been doing so well at LPCC.  He has finished two semesters of college courses, and in the middle of five classes in the third semester.  He has decided that he loves learning, and has set a goal to attend Law School.  Watching the news is his favorite past time, coming to the conclusion that he leans towards being an ultra conservative.  

Andy said that when he was told again that they were going to transfer him to California he prayed, asking God, if possible, that he might know why.  The next day on two separate conversations with guards and inmates he was told that transfers back to California, where he was convicted, usually means early release.  Of course he was very excited about this possibility, but trying not to get his hopes up.

We have been able to visit him every week for the past two plus years.  Good visits, happy visits, interesting visits.  On Tuesday this week, he called and said he was leaving that day.  I got a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.  I will miss seeing him.  But when I first heard a few months ago that he was probably leaving I couldn't help but think it was my Father in heaven's doing because He sent him to Arizona so we could love and nurture him even though he was in prison, so why not trust in Him and have faith in Him that Andy is being sent to California for an equally important purpose.  I believe that purpose is for Andy to be on his own without his parents nearby, to prove to himself that he can do this, that he can be strong, that he can make it in life.  Andy has not thought so for a long time.  But because of how successful he has been in his present environment for a long time, I think he's ready as long as he continues to call upon God for strength and for help.  He is in God's care.  

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  1. You are amazing parents demonstrating Christ's love as you help your son.